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Tooth Extraction Dentist in Bowling Green, KY 

If your tooth is damaged or decayed and other restorative dental options such as fillings, crowns, or a root canal can’t work, your dentist may decide to remove the tooth as a last resort. At Cox Family Dentistry, we are experienced in dealing with all dental issues, including tooth extraction. If you’re experiencing dental pain or need a tooth removed, our Bowling Green dental office can help. 

What is a Dental Extraction?  

A tooth extraction is a general dental procedure during which your tooth is completely removed from its socket. There are two main types of dental extraction: simple extraction and surgical extraction. A simple dental extraction removes teeth that can be seen and are easily accessible. In contrast, a surgical extraction typically requires an incision into the connective tissue to gain access to the tooth to be removed.  

Why Would You Need to Get a Tooth Pulled?  

There are several reasons why you may have a tooth pulled:  

  • Severe tooth decay (cavities)  
  • Overcrowded or poorly positioned teeth  
  • Gum disease that loosened or damaged teeth  
  • Tooth injury from trauma  
  • A deep infection in a tooth (abscess)   
  • Impacted teeth that are causing problems, such as wisdom teeth   

Is A Tooth Extraction Painful?  

Getting a tooth extracted can be uncomfortable. However, Dr. Cox will give you local anesthesia to eliminate the pain during the procedure. Following the procedure, we will recommend over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription pain medication to help you manage the pain. If you’re very anxious about removing your tooth, it might be possible to have a sedative, which relieves anxiety, and helps you relax.  

What Are the Side Effects of Removing a Tooth?  

Replacement of a tooth after its extraction is essential. Here are some side effects of tooth extraction:   

  • Difficulty eating and speaking: Some of the first areas of your life affected by tooth loss are your diet and how you talk. To compensate for missing teeth, you might swallow foods without thoroughly chewing them or stop eating certain foods altogether, which can lead to digestive issues and poor nutrition. Depending on which teeth are missing, you may be unable to pronounce certain words or enunciate them properly, and some people even develop a lisp.  
  • Teeth misalignment and altered bite: When a missing tooth leaves a gap, the surrounding teeth shift because that tooth is no longer helping to keep everything in line. Ultimately, your teeth may become crooked, or you may experience malocclusion (a change in how your teeth come together when you bite down).  
  • Bone loss and facial collapse: Without the teeth stimulating your jawbone, it will begin to shrink and deteriorate, causing your chin and lips to look sunken in.   

Fortunately, many tooth replacement options, such as dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges, restore your appearance, function, and oral health.  

Are There Alternatives to Dental Extractions?  

When a tooth has been badly damaged, the only option is to remove the affected tooth. Extraction helps ease dental pain almost immediately – especially if your tooth was severely broken or infected. It also reduces harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth and gums and gives you the best chance for optimal oral health.   

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At Cox Family Dentistry, we always try to save your natural teeth. However, if your tooth is severely damaged due to decay, gum disease, or trauma, Dr. Cox can expertly remove it, giving you much-needed relief. If you live in Bowling Green, KY, and need a tooth extraction, please contact us to schedule an appointment!